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How it works

You simply connect your self-custody wallet to WalletPort, choose your dormancy period and define the beneficiary address. If there's no activity in your self-custody wallet during the lapse of the dormancy period the smart contracts will automatically trigger and your digital assets will automatically transfer to the defined beneficiary wallet.

For example, once I connect my wallet, select 6 months as the dormancy period and define my spouse's wallet address as the beneficiary wallet. If my wallet hasn't had any activity for the duration of 6 months, the digital assets are automatically sent to my spouses wallet.

Step 1: Acquire Access NFT

Join our Discord where we'll soon announce presale details. You'll need an access NFT to use the dApp.

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Core Team

Harry Iqbal


With an extensive background in banking, asset management and private investing in stocks, Harry entered Web3 initially in the form of investing in Bitcoin mining stocks.

Dominic Ryder

Head of Strategy

Dominic started his career in traditional finance as a Derivatives Trader, Wealth Manager & spent time working for a VC, specialising in asset-backed investing.


Head of Tech

A massive Web3 enthusiast, Artorias is the co-Founder of CULT and RVLT.

Jaris James

Growth Hacker

Jaris is the living embodiment of a meta DAO operator. He got his start in web3 at BanklessDAO in December 2021 as a researcher, and amassed a large network through hosting AMAs, organizing demos, and facilitating deals.


Kyle Chassé

Founder: Master Ventures, PAID Network & Metacon

With over 11 years of experience in the blockchain sector, Kyle Chasse leads Master Ventures.


Co-founder TONSMA & CMO at VEMP

Estefano has extensive experience in growth marketing. Before web3 he worked with both large enterprise companies as well as small start ups.

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